What are differences in a ‘CBD body high’ based on CBD content?

The concentration of CBD in cannabis typically ranges from 1 to 4% but can also reach as high as 15%. It is the higher CBD content strains that are specifically used to alleviate or suppress affects caused by certain medical conditions. Taken at a low dose, CBD will have more of an ‘alerting’ effect, causing feelings of increased relaxation and mindfulness (increased optimism, clarity etc.)  High doses cause more of a ‘sedative’ effect, like a numbing sensation in the body. It is here that the medicinal application of CBD is apparent. When taken at its appropriate does, it can produce anti-inflammatory benefits, reduce anxiety/depression, reduce nausea and vomiting, and reduce severity of muscle spasms/seizures.

What is the most common reason/condition that CBD is used for, and why?

One of the most common conditions that people alleviate by using CBD products is anxiety. However, ‘anxiety’ is a very multi-faceted condition that varies due to countless reasons. Many people turn to a CBD product as a means of weaning themselves off prescription drugs. It is an attractive alternative to using synthetic medicine such as valium. CBD is used as an anti-anxiety aid as it causes a calm, relaxing feeling which improves overall mood and can even improve sleep quality.

What does a ‘CBD body high’ feel like?

Introducing CBD into the body will not produce the same mind-altering effects as compared to THC. This is because CBD has a different chemical composition and is unable to bind with the same receptors in the brain as THC does. It is scientifically impossible to get the same high feeling with CBD alone. The feeling associated with CBD can be described as a subtle but pleasant numbing of the body resulting in increased relaxation, alertness and mindfulness. This effect depends on the CBD content in the product you consume.

Why do people use cannabis recreationally?

Cannabis is consumed recreationally for many reasons, and no two people will experience the effects in the same way. This is due to many factors, including the THC/CBD content of the product, the plant strain, consumption form (i.e. edible, smoking, vaporizer) as well as individual physiology. Many people tout benefits including increased relaxation, feeling happier, more optimistic, higher libido/sexual drive, and increased appetite, to name a few.

What forms (products I can buy) is CBD found in?

Due to CBD’s non-psychoactive property, it has entered the market in a variety of safe and easy to use forms. Besides ground dried cannabis flowers, this includes products such as oils, topical treatments (creams, ointments), nasal sprays, edibles, and vaporizer liquids, to name a few. Just like essential oils, CBD oil is a concentrated extract of the cannabis plant often taken orally.