Meditation is a powerful practice.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the many benefits that meditation can have on our bodies and minds. I’m also pretty sure that many of you have tried downloading a meditation app or two in an attempt to achieve some inner balance. Just one attempt at meditation can prove how tremendously difficult it is for us to tune out the outside world and barricade our constantly flowing stream of thoughts from entering our consciousness.

Are you trying to incorporate meditation into your daily life, but seem to be hitting a road block when it comes to slowing down both mentally and physically?

Our modern fast-paced lives with their endless to-do-lists, e-mails, text messages, and notifications leave many of us too over-stimulated to reap the rewards of this amazing practice. This is why many yoga ad meditation doers are beginning to consider adding CBD their practice. CBD allows our bodies and minds to slow down enough to be able to tap into the limitless benefits associated with meditation.

Cannabis and meditation have been linked for thousands of years for both religious and ceremonial practices. Despite its place in ancient tradition, meditation has only recently become wide-spread in North America, in part thanks to the popularity of yoga as well as scientific research revealing its countless benefits for mental health. Through focus and breath, one can begin to witness and understand the behavior of the mind. This fully personal, non-judgmental experience helps us drop into ourselves and appreciate the magic and uniqueness of our bodies and minds and their amazing connection. Using CBD products for meditation is a safe and effective stepping stone towards reaping these amazing benefits. CBD can help to deepen a meditation session or yoga practice by relaxing muscles, easing anxiety, slowing the heart rate, and allowing the practitioner to drop into each movement more easily.

CBD, or ‘cannabidiol’ is a natural compound of the cannabis plant which is non-psychoactive. CBD use creates what is known as a ‘body high’ without the mind-altering effects of marijuana. This has led to its research and application for use in medicine and recreation. When consumed, CBD follows the same neuro-chemical pathway (involving a specific serotonin receptor) that is experienced while meditating. Both CBD and meditation act to balance serotonin levels which results in an elevated state of calmness, relaxation, improved mood and lowered blood pressure.

Take your time and be patient.

Meditation is a ‘practice’ and therefore it is an ongoing process. Don’t expect to achieve ‘spiritual enlightenment’ after your first attempt. Rather, expect a dose of CBD before meditation to help prepare and ‘loosen’ the body and mind to more easily maintain a relaxed state. This can strengthen your meditation practice by improving focus and even building up confidence to plunge into deeper mental states. In time, CBD can help make regular meditation something you look forward to. Eventually, you will begin to appreciate the physical and mental benefits this practice will provide, and these will become incorporated into your life even when you are not meditating.

At first, you must work to adapt to the stillness and calmness that comes with meditation, and the more you make it part of your life, the more it will begin to adapt to you